Help people easily find your horse business - right now it’s too complicated.

Do you know how difficult the current search experience is for your potential customers? It’s bad! The GoHorse map makes finding horse needs super simple. Specific filters point people to you when you’re exactly what they need!

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Finally an easy, accurate way to represent your horse business online.

GoHorse is where all businesses will go to be listed as GoHorse will be where all horse riders will go to find things!
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A place to find you all!

GoHorse is built out with details unique to your business type. This will give your clients a better and clearer snapshot of who you are and what you have to offer. Much more than just a simple directory listing - these details encourage customers to contact you!
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Don’t be left out - join the growing community of over 9,500 fellow horse business owners!

GoHorse is for every horse business - from owning a few acres for overnight layovers to a large multiple arena facility, professional farriers to those who shoe after their day job, individual masseuses to multiple partner veterinary practices, etc... GoHorse can help anyone who has a business associated with horses!
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“GoHorse is on top of everything you wish to advertise. If they see a problem, they notify you and they fix it for you but ask you first before changing it. Our stable is one stall short of being full, thank you so much!”

Pamela Traphagen
Meeting of the Minds Stables @ Prairie Oaks

“Thank you to all of my friends at for the support. My husband and I purchased our farm about a year ago and we were struggling to get the word out to our community about all the things we have to offer. Ever since signing up on GoHorse we have had tons of activity and lots of people contacting us. Thank you GoHorse you have an incredible product and for putting it out there for everyone to use!”

Kristen Verna
Stoned Goat Farm

“We wanted to reach out to you and commend you on a website well done. We just listed our facility with you!”

Megan Cleary
Ends Meet Equestrian