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Horseback Riding on the PCT: Life Lessons & Stories from Janice Raddatz

The PCT is the longest maintained trail for horseback riding and hiking in the world, spanning from Mexico to Canada along the west coast. It stretches...

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How to Get Good Barn Help & Take Time Off As an Owner

Being a barn or stable owner means long hours, few breaks, and little to no social life. If you did have family or friends to help, you are...

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Breaking The Stigma: Race Horses Coming Off The Track

When you hear racehorse the first thing you think off the cuff is speed, but is that reality? The stigma is that they are...

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The Road to an All-Around Title: Getting to the Pinto World Championship

My name is Renae Wesenberg and am this week's guest blogger for I have been training horses for 20...

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Horseback Riding Tips - Going Bridleless: How I Did It & You Can Too

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Living or Leaving the Dream: Owning your Own Farm vs Boarding Your Horse

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Motivations of a Millennial Cowgirl: How One Assistant Trainer Stays Motivated in a Highly Competitive Horse Show World

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Gossip Among Horse Trainers: What It Is & How to Avoid It

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The Top 5 Ways Technology Can Help Equestrians and Their Horses

"My name is Juliana Chapman and I am this week's guest blogger for I have been horseback riding...

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Overlooked Casualties of Hurricane Michael

My name is Nancy Fitzgibbons and I am this week's guest blogger for In my early years,...

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Taking Care of Yourself When “Horse Trainer” is Your Job Title

By Heather Elliott - Elliott Performance Horses

Heather rode saddleseat Morgans starting at 8 years old, followed by riding all around quarters...

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4 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Farrier

Hi, my name is Marie and I have operated a growing horse boarding barn for over 15 years.  We started out with just two horses and now regularly are...

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The True Cost of Horse Arena Footing

By Guest Author:Heidi Zorn

Riding arenas are the place where the magic happens. Spend time riding a horse, and you quickly realize how important a...

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3 Trailer Safety Checks You’ve Been Skipping

Whether you’re hauling out for a show, or a weekend of camping and trail rides, trailer safety is essential. You should always check your equipment and make...

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