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Your Horseback Riding Addiction

Whether it be horse grooming or horseback riding, let's talk about how the...

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Love & Horses Part 1: From Facebook Friends to Full-Time Farriers

“Horses and romantic relationships can either be a force that draws two people together or a passion that drives them apart. In this four...

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Love & Horses Part 3: From Horse Rescue to Wedding

“My horse habit absolutely affected my relationship, in a good way. My boyfriend, 7 years ago, was not a horse person. He didn’t enjoy being...

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Love & Horses Part 4 - Till Death Do Us Part, For the Love of a Horse

My obsession with the horse began on a bouncy horse toy, then moved to Breyer horse collectables, my Johnny West doll and his horse Flame and watching black and white...

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Taking Care of Yourself When “Horse Trainer” is Your Job Title

By Heather Elliott - Elliott Performance Horses

Heather rode saddleseat Morgans starting at 8 years old, followed by riding all around quarters...

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Do You Need to Apologize to Your Boarding Barn?

Where in the world did my expectations of what a boarding facility should offer me and my horse come from anyway?

Socrates knew what he was talking about...

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Horseback Riding 101 - Tips You Should Know Before You Go

How to dress, what to take along, rules of the ride and even "behavior triggers" to watch out for both horse and human when you go horseback...

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The True Cost of Horse Arena Footing

By Guest Author:Heidi Zorn

Riding arenas are the place where the magic happens. Spend time riding a horse, and you quickly realize how important a...

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Horseback Riding - What to Choose, the English or Western Way?

By Nancy Fitzgibbons        

Want to go horseback riding, yet prefer not to ride bareback?

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