7 Ways to Get More Clients For Your Horse Business

7 Ways to Get More Clients For Your Horse Business

How do you get clients for your equine business? Many of us have been doing the same things for decades. Word of mouth and referrals bring the majority of our customers through our gates. These are two essential avenues for getting clients. But, if you want to build a profitable horse business in 2019 and beyond, you need more.

Most millionaires have at least 7 income streams. You just told yourself, “great; I’ll never be a millionaire.” Let us stop you there. Maybe you will, and perhaps you won’t, but what’s the harm in setting yourself up for success? What if you had 7 ways to bring clients to your horse business?

How to Get More Clients for Your Horse Business

Operating at max capacity feels excellent, and with multiple channels, you can get there. So, what 7 channels should you use?

  1. Word of Mouth – This one will never go away. Giving people remarkable experiences working with you means they will tell their friends. Word gets around, and this brings you clients.

  2. Referrals – These can come from more than just happy clients. Your neighbors, colleagues, and service providers in related fields can all provide referrals for you. Give a box of business cards to your farrier, veterinarian, or hay guy. They can pass them out to people when they mention they are looking for the service you offer.

  3. GoHorse Listing – Your GoHorse listing gets you in front of people searching for services near you. All they have to do is click the button to call or send you an email.

  4. Direct Marketing – This covers everything from flyers at the feed store to your sign or the decals on your truck. Direct marketing is still crucial. If someone sees you on the wall at the feed store, gets your business card from their farrier, and looks you up and finds your GoHorse listing, chances of them calling you are high.   

  5. Email Marketing – Email marketing can be automated, so you set it up once, and it will run forever. How many times has someone called you and asked about your services and you never hear from them again? Adding them to an automated email sequence that explains who you are and what you do helps convert these shoppers into paying clients.

  6. Building an Online Audience – This one can take some time and effort, but it’s completely worth it if you put in the work. Having an online audience that engages with your business and can’t wait to work with you when you give them the opportunity means you can bring on a new client whenever you need one.

  7. Upselling Your Current Clients – Offer lessons to your boarders, or encourage your shoeing clients to sign up for your hoof care clinic. Offering more to the clients you already have is one of the easiest ways to increase your revenue. These people like you and will usually jump at the opportunity to work with you more.


Having multiple ways to get clients helps you maintain a consistent income. When one is not performing, the others should pick up the slack. You have to do more than rely on word of mouth marketing in today’s environment. GoHorse is here to help, sign up for a listing here.