Equestrian Fitness Tips - Getting in Shape for Summer Riding

Equestrian Fitness Tips - Getting in Shape for Summer Riding

Equestrians across the United States and Canda are chomping at the bit for summer to come. We’re all tired of bad weather, mud, and quarantine getting in the way of our riding schedules. 


Our jobs come summer, are to help our horses get back in shape. The more fit we are, the easier this job is. Join us in the Gym! These 5 equestrian fitness exercises will help you get in shape for summer riding. 

Side Lunges - Side lunges strengthen your quads, glutes, and hamstrings all in one exercise. If you practice moving slowly from one side to the other, all in one fluid motion, you get the added benefit of working on your stamina and balance as well. Doing 20 side lunges every day will help you feel great when you get back in the saddle. 

Squats - Squats work your entire legs from your quads to your calves. Have you ever watched a rider signal their horse to pick up speed with just the slightest change in their leg? Or maybe you just saw the horse move out and couldn’t see a change in the rider at all? That person undoubtedly had muscular calves. If softening your cues to your house is something you are working on, you need strong legs.

Lunges - Lunges work your core, glutes, and legs. Do you want to be able to fly over jumps with confidence? Or climb the highest mountains on horseback? Your horse needs your strong legs supporting it to perform at a high level. If you want to reach new heights with your horse this summer, you can start down by doing some lunges now. 

Planks - Think of how much you use your core when you ride. Want to have better posture in the saddle? Is posting the trot your worst nightmare? Want to feel secure and powerful as you support your horse through transition work? Planks strengthen your core and your back muscles at the same time, helping you improve in all the areas mentioned above. 

Stretching - Flexibility is just as important as strength for horseback riding. You have to be able to relax your legs around your horse and move with its movements, two things that are very difficult if you have tight hip flexors and legs. Don’t forget to work lots of stretching into your equestrian fitness routine, so you get the full benefits of all that strength you are building. 

Do yourself and your horse a favor and follow these equestrian fitness tips to get you ready for summer riding.

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