Tips for the First Time Horse Owner from the GoHorse Family

Tips for the First Time Horse Owner from the GoHorse Family

We asked our Facebook audience to share their best advice for first-time horse owners. TONS of people chimed in and shared valuable information. We’ve compiled it here so any first-time horse owner can learn from our community. 


The Mindset of a First Time Horse Owner

  • Take all the advice you can get

  • Never stop learning

  • Stay humble

  • You’re going to love that horse more and more every day

  • Patience goes a long way. Never be in a rush. They will know.

  • Follow your gut! If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t! That goes for the horse, Your boarding facility, your trainer, and farrier.

  • Always keep your horse's best interests first, your's second

  • Your horse will reward you in ways you will least expect

  • Are you putting a burden on your child so you can live YOUR dream, or is this the dream you and or your child want?

  • Have a backup plan for your horse if "life happens." Give them God-Parents if you have to. You can never predict when/if you might not be able to care for them anymore.

  • If you are new to horses, volunteer at a rescue first to acquire some knowledge and experience.

  • Horses are worth every penny ??

  • Treat your Vet, Farrier, and Dentist and any other equine providers with respect and generosity. Always be ready and waiting when they show up. Genuine thank yous, courtesy, hot coffee, and a bit to eat go a long way.


Horse Shopping Tips for the First Time Buyer


  • Always see the horse in person before you buy

  • Ask the person selling the horse to tack them up and ride, if they won’t run

  • Get a pre-purchase exam from a vet that you choose, not the seller’s vet

  • Do a little internet research before you see the horse. Look up the name of the seller and make sure they have good reviews.

  • Purchase a well-trained horse that will be patient with you as you learn


Horse Care Tips for New Horse Owners

  • Be prepared with a First aid kit, and safe paddock area with plenty of turnout time

  • Educate yourself about quality feed

  • Post the vet and farrier number so anyone can call in an emergency if you aren’t home 

  • With proper pasture management, turnout, free choice hay, and freshwater, you can keep a horse healthy and happy with little expense.


Horse Training Tips for Beginner Horse Parents

  • A horse can be different in different settings. Take the time to figure them out when you get them to their new home and don’t expect the same horse you tried out before you bought them.

  • Teach them to let you touch them all over - this will be incredibly helpful if they get hurt or need care for any reason

  • Teach them to walk at your speed. You’ll be glad you did when you are old and slow. 

  • Give them time to think, they always want to please you, but don’t always understand.

  • Always end on a good note.


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