GoHorse Alerts: Horse Evacuations May Be Necessary Due to Hurricane Michael

GoHorse Alerts: Horse Evacuations May Be Necessary Due to Hurricane Michael


We at GoHorse want to thank all of those who signed up to help evacuees during the tragedy of Hurricane Michael.

As thousands join the relief effort to help those devastated by Hurricane Michael and those who are still yet to be accounted for, GoHorse.com urges users to continue to help in any way they can. 

Thank you for being a part of the GoHorse family, and for banding together during a time of great need. 


Previous Hurricane Michael Updates

Thursday, October 11th10

  • The storm is moving relatively quickly, at 21 m.p.h., and is expected to speed up as it crosses into the Carolinas on Thursday and blows out to sea by early Friday.

  • A man died on Wednesday after a tree crashed down on his home in Greensboro, northwest of Tallahassee, the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office said. It was also reported that a girl died in Seminole County, in southwestern Georgia, when her home was struck by debris.

  • The storm made landfall near Mexico Beach, Fla., just shy of Category 5 strength on Wednesday afternoon and was not downgraded to a tropical storm until midnight, once it had raced through the Panhandle and southwest Georgia as a hurricane.

  • Much of the coast of the Florida Panhandle, including Panama City, Fla., and Mexico Beach, near where the hurricane made landfall, was left in ruins.

Wednesday, October 10th

  • Horses being evacuated to South Carolina that have a current Coggins test will be admitted to the state without a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI). A current Coggins test chart should accompany these horses. Horses being evacuated to South Carolina without a current Coggins test will be allowed entry into the state provided they will be allowed to return to their state of origin without a current Coggins or CVI after the evacuation is lifted. The order extends until Oct. 31 unless extended or rescinded.9
  • Animal interstate movement requirements for entry into Georgia are temporarily suspended for the transportation of animals from areas affected by Hurricane Michael in Florida. The suspension of entry requirements applies to animals entering Georgia from Florida only.8
  • Mandatory evacuation orders went into effect for some 120,000 people in Panama City Beach and across other low-lying parts of the Gulf coast. The mandatory orders affected people in Bay County, Citrus County, Dixie County, Franklin County, Gulf County, Jackson County, Levy County, Okaloosa County, Taylor County, Wakulla County and Walton County.7
  • Early Wednesday morning, October 10th, the intense storm was declared a Category 4 hurricane and was packing top sustained winds of 145 mph6

Tuesday, October 9th

  • Hurricane Michael is threatening more than 300 miles of the Gulf Coast, prompting emergency declarations in more than 100 counties.5
  • Hurricane Michael could make landfall as a Category 3 storm on Wednesday, October 10th with wind speeds up to 111 miles per hour anywhere from Destin, Florida to Apalachee Bay. It is projected to veer northeast, through Georgia and the Carolinas, before heading into the Atlantic on Thursday night. 4
  • As of October 9th at 8 am, it was upgraded to a Category 2 hurricane.3
  • Tropical Storm Michael was upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane on Monday as it barreled toward the Gulf Coast.2
  • Tropical Storm Michael originally formed off the coast of Cuba Monday, October 8th and gathered strength as it steamed north toward the Florida Panhandle.1

GoHorse Calling for Users to Sign up and Help Evacuees

If you are located in the South Eastern parts of the United States and are willing to accept evacuees from Hurricane Michael please sign up by clicking here. This means that your listing will be shown as "Accepting Evacuees" on our GoHorse map to anyone in need who is searching. 

If you cannot accept evacuees please share GoHorse on social media and with friends so that we can reach as many people as possible. 

GoHorse Fought to Help Evacuees During Hurricane Florence

As Hurricane Florence threatened the Southeastern US Coastline, GoHorse.com decided to redirect its programming development team toward pitching in to help evacuees refuge.  “With the help of our entire GoHorse team we were able to put together a special feature that would allow volunteering horse friendly properties to flag their listing for potential help in this emergency,” says Jenny Fudge, Owner.  “We called upon our programming team to expand our database and filters and also our marketing team to get the word out to our verified listing customers. Then we contacted various news agencies in an effort to let people know that there was a central location for horse evacuation help.  We were able to get the feature up and running and out to customers about 4 days prior to the predicted landfall of Hurricane Florence. Once our client base was notified they moved quickly to volunteer.” recalls Jenny.

Within 48 hours, GoHorse had over 325 horse property owners willing to take on evacuated horses.

“It was the first real live demonstration of what being connected as a special interest group can do for our industry,” says Jenny.  “ A fantastic demonstration of what the horse community can accomplish when direct communication is possible.”

GoHorse has been busy searching out horse business owners since about March of 2018.  “At this time we have over 9500 total listings of horse business providers, with almost 3000 of those already verified by their owners.  As a business, the listing is offered FREE, and customizable for just about any sort of horse related service offered. Jenny sums it up, “We are continuing to build out more details as we get input from the marketplace.   I have to say though, it was an exciting week. Seeing the entire community pull together and offer up help. It’s one of the things we love about the industry as a whole, their willingness to pitch in when times are tough.”

GoHorse Co-Founder Jenny Fudge Steps up to Help

WSBTV anchors went on site to Jenny’s boarding business in Georgia to find out more about the horse evacuation process, its difficulties and how GoHorse.com could help.  This new clip was featured repeatedly in various news shows up and down the coastline. GoHorse was also featured in many other horse publications and news sites. “All in all it was a very successful first splash for the GoHorse.com centralized communication concept.  As businesses continue to add and traffic to the site continues to increase, we can do nothing but become even more effective. I’m thrilled with our progress and the fantastic reception we are getting out there in the marketplace so far.” says Jenny.


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Learning and Preparing for Future Emergencies

Through this process, GoHorse has now made plans to morph the “evacuee location” filter into a broader feature that will stay with the system long term.   Users will see a filter option called “Emergency Horse Help Nearby”. This feature will give them all types of businesses that are willing to take emergency calls.  This is a broader application which would include any sort of natural disaster in an area as well as other emergencies such as trailer breakdowns and horse injuries while traveling.

Laurie Massaglia, Co-owner sums it all up by saying, 

“From the broader perspective this whole process of responding to an immediate need for a disaster preparedness system for horses is a perfect demonstration of the core mission of Gohorse.com. We want to have the communication network set up so that the industry functions efficiently. Everybody wins and that’s the real point of what we are building here, To respond to market needs and connect the industry in a beneficial way.”

We also wanted to thank all the GoHorse users that stepped up to offer shelter during this past emergency, and also to all of those who shared GoHorse to others. We would not have been able to help the people we did without your support. Thank you for being a part of the GoHorse community as we continue to connect horse people to horse places all over the U.S.

Click HERE to Sign Up to Accept Evacuees and Their Horses