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“We knew we wanted to create a website with all boarding facilities on a map where horse owners could find the info they actually care about – but then the lightbulb went off: what if we could show real-time availability?”

View Horse Boarding Facilities that publish real-time availability and connect with local horse service providers to meet all your horse needs.

MARIETTA, April 2, 2018 —
Horse owners can now find a new boarding barn or locate an overnight stall on a long-distance haul through a new website provided exclusively by GoHorse.com. This networking site is specifically designed to connect horse owners with boarding facilities as well as trainers, farriers, veterinarians, acupuncturists, chiropractors, lesson barns, feed stores, and more.

GoHorse was originally designed to assist horse owners trying to find overnight or monthly boarding and for those who were looking for last-minute moves. Jenny Fudge, creator of GoHorse.com, quickly recognized there was a need to connect those horse owners with the various, local equine practitioners so she quickly expanded the network to also include those business listings.

Jenny explained, “My husband, Dustin, and I have owned and operated a horse boarding facility, Rebel Woods, for over 15 years and we have taken hundreds and hundreds of calls from horse owners across the U.S. asking about boarding facilities and other horse service related questions.” As a result, Jenny created GoHorse.com to provide a centralized network for horse owners and horse service providers, which today is offered through the website and an app will soon follow.

Jenny pointed out that, “ GoHorse.com provides a great benefit to equine professionals, they can update their listings anytime and gather direct feedback from the horse owners,” She went on to say that there are many networking sites that serve the hotel industry, pet sitting services, etc., but this is the first comprehensive, full service, one-stop site created exclusively for horse owners and equine professionals.

According to Jenny, they have 1,280 horse boarding barns in Georgia alone! While their network will include the entire U.S. their initial efforts have been focused in Georgia, their home state. Jenny expects to have over 50,000 stables across the U.S.

Today, a business can list for less than $5.00 on GoHorse.com.

About GoHorse
GoHorse, LLC provides a networking site that offers real-time availability for overnight, monthly and long-term horse boarding facilities across the U.S. The website also networks horse businesses including farriers, vets, trainers, acupuncturists, chiropractors, feed stores, etc. For more information call 770-925-5857 or email info@gohorse.com