Horse Evacuation Locations for California Wildfires!

Horse Evacuation Locations for California Wildfires!

Wednesday November 14, 2018.  With hundreds of thousands of acres burning where do we take our horses?  Today by noon had a total of 620 volunteer evacuation sites locations listed throughout the country.  “In the past twenty four hours, over 100 new horse properties have volunteered specifically to help house the west coast horse evacuees experiencing the Wildfires”, says Jenny Fudge, owner of  “If you are in need of a place to take your horse to avoid all the risks the fires and smoke present, please go early! These fires are very unpredictable and evacuating a horse with the necessary support supplies is not something most people can accomplish quickly.”  

How to find Evacuation locations on

  1. Go to and type in a city you might like to evacuate toward.  You will see all the horse businesses in that area.

  2. Look for the BLUE HORSES! When searching on the gohorse map, the blue horse icon designates that this location has specifically stated they will accept evacuees.  These are the most likely places to have space available. 

  3. Call other ranches in your targeted area.  If other stables listings look more promising you are free to also contact them via their contact information and determine whether they might be willing to help.

Things to Consider During an Evacuation with Your Horse

  1. Feed & Supplies - It’s not just the horses you need to haul.  If possible estimate the length of time you may be displaced and bring enough of the critical supplies like grain and supplements to be covered, or at least to give you a few days to find suppliers wherever you are.

  2. Emergency Health Supplies - Here’s a great list of emergency health supplies you may want to scan to be sure you have the important things.

  3. Medical Records - Bring along your hard copies if you don't have these stored in an electronic form.

  4. Emergency Contact Information - Hopefully this is all in your cell phone but you may need to contact your current professionals in case of an emergency, even if it's just to fill in whoever is helping you on site.

  5. Verify Terms & $ Obligations for Your Visit - Talk with your evacuation site before you arrive about how you will work out fees etc.  Even if they are taking you in at no charge to begin with, they may not be able to do that for an extended time.  The important thing here is to at least get an idea of what the costs will be if you are forced into a longer term stay.  

List of Some of the Newest Locations Accepting Evacuees