3 Ways to LOVE Being a Horse Owner While in Quarantine

3 Ways to LOVE Being a Horse Owner While in Quarantine

Many people are unable to see their horses right now. Our hearts are with you if you are one of them! It’s challenging to be away from our equine family members, especially if we are finding ourselves with extra time on our hands that would typically be gleefully used at the barn or out on a ride. 


So, what horsey activities CAN you do during this time? We’re happy you asked! Here’s a list of fun horse activities you can do during the quarantine. 


Watch Movies and Read Books


Secretariat, Hidalgo, or Seabiscuit, to name a few. Catch up on the latest season of Heartland, or grab the tissues and popcorn and turn on War Horse. If you want something kid-friendly, try Racing Stripes or Spirit. There is no shortage of awesome horse movies for you to watch during the quarantine. 


If you are trying to limit screen time (a brave endeavor that we applaud you for), read books instead. In the Reins is an excellent 3-book collection for those into Western Pleasure. Defining Gravity is a fantastic coming of age series.


The Eighty-Dollar Champion is a classic that all horse owners should read at least once (especially if jumping is your thing or you are a sucker for a good underdog story). For the kids, we highly recommend Misty of Chincoteague and The Black Stallion.  


Clean Your Tack/Trailer/Truck


We are chomping at the bit to get back to our normal horse activities as soon as the quarantine is over, and you probably are too. Why not get your tack polished, truck cleaned up, and your trailer tack room organized while you wait?


No one will want to take the time to do these things once we are on the go again. There will be 100 feed store receipts falling out of your truck, your tack will be covered in sweat and dust, and you won’t be able to find a darn thing in your trailer because you are going to be way too busy reconnecting with your equestrian friends to stop and get things organized. 


Why not do it now? You may even be able to sell some stuff you no longer need in the process and turn around and buy something new (that’s what we all do when we sell old tack, right?). 


Put Together a Training Plan


We don’t suggest planning out a clinic or show schedule because no one can guarantee when the quarantine will be over. But, you can get your goals as a rider in place and put together a training plan for you and your horse. This way, you'll know exactly what to work on once you get back in the saddle, and you won’t have to waste any time in the pursuit of your goals. 


If you are lucky enough to have your horse with you during the quarantine, make sure you give him/her extra love on behalf of all the equestrians who are unable to see their horses right now. 


Stay safe and healthy out there all! When the quarantine is over and you are looking for riding lessons, trainers, or farriers near you, be sure to use the GoHose map