Love & Horses Part 1: From Facebook Friends to Full-Time Farriers

Love & Horses Part 1: From Facebook Friends to Full-Time Farriers

“Horses and romantic relationships can either be a force that draws two people together or a passion that drives them apart. In this four part GoHorse blog series, we are going to share the stories of different GoHorse friends and how their horse habit has affected their relationship. This week is the story of Megan and David Holderfield, from D& M Farrier Services.”

The Pony That Started it All

Three years ago I [Megan] had a horse that I was getting ready to retire because he was sick. I spent some time searching through horse rescue sites and came across a small horse that had feet about a foot long after years of neglect. He needed a lot of work and nobody seemed to want him. This made me sad, so I felt moved to email the owner of the site and offer to take care of him. 

At the same time, David, who was living in Oklahoma, making his living as a therapeutic Farrier was scrolling through Facebook between his barn visits and saw the same ad for that poor pony. He also contacted the woman and offered care.  He needed someone traveling through our area to pick him and deliver him to Oklahoma, so he could donate hoof care. David had been dealing with a lot of lameness and corrective or neglective cases in his farrier business so he felt confident he could help the pony if someone could just get him across the country somehow. 

Well, the owner of the rescue site put us in contact to see if we could somehow work something out.  I started messaging David, thanking him for his offer, and talking about the logistics. I told him that I wished more people were like him.  We didn't get to talk too much because David was in the middle of something else when we started messaging.  And as it turned out someone else wound up taking the pony that could better accommodate him.  Even so, after our brief conversation, I kept thinking about how kind he was and it really stuck in my mind. 

A month or so later David had decided to move to South Dakota.  He wanted to retire to an isolated ranch with his ten horses. During his first trip up to South Dakota, I messaged him again and we started to talking nonstop.  When he hauled all of his horses to South Dakota for the final move, I decided to fly in and meet him. I remember, it was only twenty-four hours after meeting me that he told me he would marry me someday! Twenty-four hours after that I told him to hurry up and do it already! We kept up our long distance relationship for a while until the middle of October that year when I flew out to meet him again for the weekend. A couple of weeks later David flew out to Pennsylvania. Shortly after that, David decided he had to figure out a way to be with me in the same state! 

Everything That Could Go Wrong, Did Go Wrong

David knew it was going to be a challenge. He had to figure out how to move himself and ten horses 1700 miles from South Dakota to Pennsylvania. He was financially exhausted already from his previous move. 

His crazy trip from Rapid City to King of Prussia took him about six weeks to complete and he weathered a lot of disasters. During his first attempt to leave, he loaded up all his household goods and after five hours of driving the roads were all closed due to a blizzard. He spent a day at a truck stop until it blew over and he could head back to regroup.  So first attempt failed, but he waited a week for the roads to clear, and headed out again on his second attempt with five of his horses in the trailer. Four hours into that trip he looked in the rear view mirror and saw a trailer tire rolling down the road! He had a broken spindle and the trailer was out of commission.

There he was on the side of the highway with five horses in a broken down trailer and the temperature was 20 below 0. Luckily there was a ranch nearby that put his horses up for a couple days while he got his trailer fixed. Two days later he started his third attempt and his truck broke down so he was delayed again getting that fixed. Once that was finished he made his fourth attempt. He picked up his horses and headed across the country. and other than the below zero temperatures and no sleep it went as well as it could. If you've ever trailered horses on a long trip, you know what a grueling trial it can be, just the stopping, feeding and finding places for them to get out and move around.  He found feed yards, sale barns, Vet clinics, and everything else to let the horses out to eat and drink. In the end, it took about forty hours to make the trip. 

To Have and to Holderfield

David finally made it here and as he says, "I was able to start fresh with the woman of my dreams". He kept his promise to marry me, and every moment since the day we met has been the best of our lives. 

Now we work together at our business D & M Farrier Services in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and we are busy enough now that I quit my job and help David run two Farrier rigs full-time. We are together 7 days a week, working under horses and we never leave each other's side. We take care of everyone else’s horses and eleven of our own personal horses too. God has blessed us both along this journey, and we have a beautiful family of five kids combined and three grandchildren already. 

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