The Biggest List of Horse Boarding & Horseback Riding Stables in Georgia

The Biggest List of Horse Boarding & Horseback Riding Stables in Georgia

It seems that all of us in the horse world are benefiting from the amazing connectivity that the internet and other horse technology provides our community. These days we can find almost anything at the touch of a button. If you are wondering what the state flower of Wisconsin is (Viola Sororia) or how to replace a car battery in your 1960 Ford pick-up truck, it’s all there for you with a quick google search.

So why is finding a horse boarding barn or a place to go horseback riding such a challenge? There are a multitude of places to look, that’s for sure! Just searching through these multiple listing sites can be an overwhelming task. Plus there are all the individual barn websites to consider.  In fact we think the problem is there are too many places to look and none of them are complete so it takes a lot of time and telephone calls to find anything.

At the bottom of this article, we have provided a list of horse boarding resources, if you enjoy the challenge of the hunt you’ll have fun with this. If not, we've created an all in one alternative,  

As of October 2018, GoHorse had located 1,403 Horse stables throughout Georgia and they are all on an easy to use map. “And we know there are still more...” Jenny Fudge, Creator of the GoHorse map-based directory says, “We chose Georgia as our first concentration because it’s our home. There are so many benefits to having all the horse boarding stables all in one place, we are making that happen!

GoHorse estimates there will be over 100,000 barns to locate throughout the United States. Locating them will not be easy, however, the benefits of having them all in one place for people to access will be huge for the horse community. 

Benefits of using

  • Horse Owners can search for barns in any city and compare information about each facility. Then email for appointments to visit etc all in one place!
  • Hobby Riders can look for nearby stables that provide horseback riding or to schedule horseback riding lessons.
  • Barn Managers can add their barn to get more inquiries and also use the system to contact other barns, farriers, and vets in their area about events and other needs.
  • EMERGENCY Rescue Situations - Next time a hurricane, fire, earthquake or flood hits a portion of the US, horse owners are provided quick access to relief stops or overnight boarding facilities and a quick and easy contact method.
  • Farriers, Vets Trainers, and others are also invited to post their horse related services on the map. Plus they can use the map to find other barns in their service area to work with.
  • Reviews- Users can also leave reviews.

“It’s truly a win-win for everyone that loves horses,” says Jenny. “We will be using social media channels and word of mouth to get the word out. And we want everyone to help spread the word so tell all your Stable Manager friends, farriers, vets and feed stores that we are out here. This is a community effort and it will take a lot of cooperation to make it happen.”


Horse Boarding Lists for Georgia and across the US: Update 05/08/2019 horse places list - this looks a lot like what we are trying to do, but still the barns have to go and list themselves - realtor, can search mls - several states thoroughbred farm listing. - paco fino directory ** this has addresses etc. - mini horse farms by state - - this is a great list of riding trails in georgia! - check all farm directories - ***southern CA by county - Big list w emails