Tips for Great Photos on Your GoHorse Business Listing!

Tips for Great Photos on Your GoHorse Business Listing!

Want to Know Why Great Photos Sell?

Are you wondering why people buy what they buy? Well, it seems that once you get past the absolute necessities in life such as food and shelter, there’s really only one big motivating reason.  Emotions!  So, if you can translate your business offerings and atmosphere into the powerful language of emotion, you will make more sales and have happier customers.  Why?  Because your customers will "feel" as though you value the same things they do and understand their needs.

From Forbes:

“So whether you’re selling dance lessons, real estate, software, or life insurance, remember that people buy based on emotion, and justify their decisions with logic after the fact. Show customers how good they’ll feel as a result of using your product or service, and they’ll buy from you today, tomorrow, and forever.”

Emotions are Powerful

Emotions that spur your customers toward working with your business:

  • Safety
  • Adventure
  • Significance
  • Relationships
  • Health and wellness
  • Success or sense of purpose
  • Growth and education

If you want to read the details on each of these buying motivators, this article in Forbes was great.  Seven Reasons Why People Really Buy

And Great Captions Close the Deal

A few words to really set the emotional tone for what you want to convey.  This creates a story your prospect wants to be a part of.  Here's some examples of captions with and without emotions.


Old Caption: I rode down the beach - it was pretty day

New Emotional Caption: Endless beaches, fresh air, blue skies.  You and your horse deserve some quality time together!


Old Caption: Kid friendly environment where children can actually get close to the horses.

New Emotional Caption: An irreplaceable connection… experiences you and your child will treasure for life.

Horse Health & Wellness

Old Caption: My favorite buddy - we see eye to eye

New Emotional Caption: Bright eyes, soft faces, being connected… the path to happiness

Horse Significance

Old Caption: Riding toward the finish line at Wellworth

New Emotional Caption: When being the best counts…. we overcome all obstacles

Tips for Taking Great Photos

  • “Making sure the light on your subject is even will give you the best results and help you avoid the use of a flash, which can create unattractive contrast. This may mean you have to move your subject around or, if your subject cannot be moved, move yourself to get in a position that eliminates as many harsh shadows as possible. This is especially important when you are trying to show detail. Making sure the subject is evenly shaded or lit from the side. Avoid taking photos when the sun is high (around noon and early afternoon) to ensure you will not have any harsh shadows. There are times when the light source behind your subject can be used. For example, when the sun is low and you position yourself so that your subject is between you and the sun, you can create a dramatic, emotive look. This technique is great for shots of horses in the pasture or a barn, for example.” - Erin Wheeler with Sweet Fresno Photography

  • If you choose to take an action shot, be sure that you are still the focus of the picture. If you are hiding in the background, that does not breed trust.

  • Tidy up your work space or backdrop. We all have days (or seasons) when life is a bit more chaotic. You should be putting your best foot forward in these photos, so take some time to make the backdrop look professional.

  • If you want to up your game taking photos on your smart phone, check out this pretty entertaining video from YouTuber Peter McKinnon on how to take better shots with your iPhone.

  • Double check that your photos are the right resolution for your website. If you’re not sure what this means, this video tutorial can give you some tips for preparing your photos prior to using them on your website:

How to Apply this to your GoHorse Listing

You could choose any one of these motivators and then present your business through that perspective.

For example,

If you are a farrier and you think safety is a key motivator then you might say:

“my priority in doing your work is always to keep your horse hooves protected from damage.  If this means using an expensive glue, rather than nailing - that is what I do. If it means setting my tools up outside an area to keep people and horses safer, then I have to walk a few steps further..”

Same farrier but using significance as the motivator:

“I’ve been trained by world class hoof experts in the UK.  My horses have won races and competitions all over the world.  My knowledge and skill base is far above most local farriers and you can be assured that you are getting the best for your horse. I have proactive techniques that I use… blah blah blah”


If you are a horse facility you might talk about your services in the following ways, depending upon your specialties and what you believe your strongest motivators are:

If they are most motivated by: Stable Responds with:


Good fencing, on call vet, pasture maintenance, cameras, gate locks, neighboring properties, weather sheds, herd size, maximum horses, arena footing, hospitals near by for falls, facility rules regarding safety 


Trails nearby, BNB locations to trailer for overnight, boarder arranged trips, new lessons possibilities


you are fortunate to afford this hobby, you belong to a select group 


Personalities of group, on site events for boarders, riding trips arranged, vet/farrier relationships, manager expertise and teaching available

Health and wellness     

24/7 vet/farrier emergency system, chemicals used in pasture, supplements included, hay/grass ratio

success/of purpose

Lessons offered, competition networks


Manager expertise, other boarder knowledge base, address to vet/farrier education, lessons, horse training



Great Photo Standard Shots for GoHorse

Horse Facilities:

  • Picture of owner/manager
  • Wide angle shot of your front entrance to property
  • Front of barn
  • Inside of barn/stalls
  • Watering troughs or water resources
  • Pasture Shelters
  • Pasture
  • Hay feeding in winter months or supplemental
  • Tack room
  • Wash racks
  • Riding arena
  • Round pen
  • trails/pasture riding area



  • The vehicle you arrive in
  • Picture of the you the farrier & assistant if used
  • Tools layout
  • Specialty work photo

Health Practitioners

  • You with vehicle you arrive in
  • Any tools utilized
  • Specialty work photo

Tack & Feed Store

  • Location entrance
  • Interior shots of main product categories
  • owner/manager photo

Good luck capturing those fantastic moments in the perfect photo!