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EquiQi's Holistic Healing technique's not only addresses the physical body of the horse, but embraces their spiritual, emotional and mental health states as well through:
* Equine Sports Massage
* Myo-fascial Release
* Trigger Point Release
* Ponyfoot Reflexology
* Energy Work
* Equine Locomotion
* Lyme Literate
* Holistic Healer.

Rebekah Powell is a Holistic Life Coach and Horse Listener. She is EquiMotion trained and Certified in Communication Through Equine Body Mind Integration as well as a Reiki Master and Qigong Practitioner / Instructor. She has over 15 years experience working with Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies. Rebekah beleives in a holistic approach where all components of one's life are interrelated and drawing on her deep understanding of both ...Click here to read more


Practitioners: Rebekah Powell
Also specializes in: Equine Massage, Energy Healing, Myo-fascial Therapy, Trigger Point Release, Ponyfoot Reflexology, Equine Locomotion, Herbal / Holistic Healing

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  • Donna DiGiuseppe08/22/2018

    Spur Jangles, my 25 year old, quarter horse, mare traveled 2000 miles, in 48 hours, from Texas to Rhode Island. Equine Express, a professional, national, equine transport company out of Pilot Point, Texas was the carrier.
    Spurry arrived in April to our New England environment and the never ending spring rain. I was very concerned that she not stress out and began an immediate search for a holistic practitioner. 

    Luckily, I found Reba’s brochure on the bulletin board of our local feed store, Allie’s tack shop. Contacting Reba and making an appointment was very easy. Within a week or so she was here intuiting with her healing hands on my sweet mare. She was grounded, calm and connected to Spurry who does not easily trust humans. Minute by minute each muscle in Spurry’s body dropped, her head lowered below the withers and she deeply released all the accumulated stress. It was stunning to witness the connection and transition. 

    Reba asked me to walk Spurry, who was now very relaxed, present and receptive. 
    It was amazing to see and feel the energy shift but then I noticed something even more amazing. 

    Spurry has what is called, a soldier’s step, in her left rear leg. It is old scar tissue from her life as a rodeo arena, roping horse. The sound the step creates is a slapping sound on the ground.

    At that moment, the sound of the step, which I have gotten used to hearing, was gone! 
    Her leg was moving with normal forward motion for the first time in five years
    I could not believe it. I never mentioned the step to Reba. I was solely focused on travel stress and environment transition not thinking to mention old wounds.

    Reba has a very special gift of hands on healing. She will be our equine practitioner from now on and I hope you choose her for your horse, too.
    Oh and there is one other bonus….she works on humans, too!!!! Five stars and more!!

  • Samantha Moretti08/13/2018

    I have an 18 yr old quarter horse mare that I have had for about 7 years who has never been right!! It has been a struggle keeping her from having Lyme symptoms and hers were terrible! Making it tough to want to keep her. She would buck and breathe crazy.
    I had done all the doxy antibiotics more then I can count.
    I am fortunate that I met Becky thru my neighbor who is her daughter they just absolutely love sugar!
    Becky started to see how sugar was acting and asked me if she could do some treatment on her? I was at the end of my rope and said yes please!
    I happened to be going away and Becky took care of sugar and when I got home she was not the same horse I had left!
    She gave me a whole list of homeopathic and herbal remedies to use on her to get the Lyme under control.
    It worked! I was amazed at how much she changed and her attitude was different.
    Sugar doesn’t even look the same she has such a glow and sweet nature about her she seems happy! Now I have the horse that I wanted and she will never have to live hurting again!
    I recommend Becky for any type of ailment that your horse has and I enjoy seeing the progress that has been made with my mare!

  • Holly howlett08/07/2018

    I met Rebekah thru a friend her mare has chronic lyme and Rebekah was helping her horse saw the amazing changes in her so Rebekah starting working with my gelding who has cushing's and alot of pain he was depressed after a couple months he is doing great his attitude has changed he seems more comfortable hes moving better a much happier guy back to his old self her love for these animals sure shines thru and I am firm believer in Rebekah thank you

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