Misty Hollow Ranch Fern Ann Falls

Stable Chatsworth, CA

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  • Carey Wendler

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  • Lynne Phillips09/30/2019

    David Wendler was my mentor when I was growing up. He is a real horseman. It would be 30 degrees sometimes at 4:00 am and there he was larger than life to me. Dressed in a beautiful red coat blowing the horn for the fox hounds, as he was the head master and led all of us on our early morning fox hunt. I was mesmerized at his grace and uncanny ability to communicate with the hounds while 30 to 40 of us would be in a full gallop following his direction. I am so blessed to have had a childhood that most girls only dream of. David Wendler is the real deal, he is no drug store cowboy. He is a class all in its self. I turned out to be quite the equestrian. I think we even went frog hunting a couple of times together. My dearest and closest friend was David's daughter. We were inseperable and for record she is no joke, she taught me how to ride a horse "correctly" , she's a hell of a horseman in her own right. She trained me for open jumping, pleasure, and drassage. I learned from Carrie how to just squezz a little bit with your right calf or left, and my horse would canter on right lead everytime. We showed with each other and against eacher. She usually got the Blu ribbon but it was so great that I always felt like a winner. I highly recommend Carrie if your looking for lessons or a fabulous trainer. She used to have a gorgeous quarter horse Named KING. she trained him so good she didn't even need tack. Much less a bridal she could stand on his back and talk to him he did everything she asked. I secretly wanted King, but I ended up with a beautiful horse named Boobie who was an appaloosa. Stunning horse his real name was king feather tail or some shit anyway it was long an Indian. I used to look at his papers all the time and wondered how his father's temperament was cause Boobie was crazy, big personality. Okay well I've reminisced long enough. I work in the field of phychology and specifically dual diagnosed patients who suffer some mental health issues along with addiction. I always say to all of my patients and clients that animals are the most therapeutic and healing of the spiritual mind that there is. It doesn't come in medication no this is much bigger than me or you. Please visit the ranch it will change your life and your childrens

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